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May 22, 2023

Restore Hetch Hetchy

5 unique interior card designs for Restore Hetchy.  Each card features a different animal- black bears, Osprey, California sister butterflies, deer, and a mama Merganser duck and ducklings

The card front depicts California Poppies, Lupines, and Shooting Stars.

The card design was based off a letterhead design I created for Restore Hetch Hetchy previously.

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Apr 22, 2023

$12 Million Towards Wildfire Resilience

$12 Million Towards Wildfire Resilience

At times it feels like all of California is burning. News of wildfires reach us daily describing fires that are larger and fiercer than those of the past. Lives are lost, homes are lost, and entire communities displaced. People living outside of fire prone areas also live with wildfire’s effects- orange skies mask the daylight as smoke blankets towns hundreds, even thousands, of miles away. Watersheds, once protected by shade trees, are left exposed, potentially affecting the water supply for millions of Californians.

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